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  • Innovating Unparalleled Fire Protection Products

  • Oval Innovation Looks Great

  • Oval Innovation Protrudes Less Than 4"

  • Oval Innovation Always Fits

  • Oval Innovation Is More Secure

  • Oval Innovation Is Easy Code Compliance

  • Oval Innovation Is Engineered Artistry

  • Oval Innovation Saves Lives

  • Oval Innovation Is Unparalleled

Innovating Unparalleled Fire Protection Products

Oval Brand Fire Products is a manufacturer of low profile fire extinguishers, valves, and pressure vessels.
We offer unparalleled accessibility, aesthetics, code compliance and functionality, all while providing the highest level of durability and safety.

Always Fits

Never again build out a wall to 6″ or 8″ simply to accommodate a fire extinguisher. Fit a fully recessed, fire rated cabinet in a standard depth wall.

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Always Compliant

Buildings can now easily comply with ADA, IFC, & NFPA-101 Life Safety Code regulations for protruding objects, along with state and local accessibility codes.

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Always Safe

The patented button hook allows Oval Brand extinguishers to rotate nearly 90° in either direction without falling, mitigating the risk broken toes, injury claims, property damage.

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Beauty, Brains and Brawn

Oval brings you the first stylish high performance fire extinguisher for business, institutional, and home use. Technically proven and desired for use in both rugged and beautiful environments. UL and ULC listed.

Two dry chemical ABC fire extinguisher models and an innovative patented mounting system are introduced to enable streamlined designs.

Wall assemblies with cabinets can now remain at their standard depth. Or, cabinets can be eliminated. Options are limitless.

  • 10 pound fire extinguishers. Three patented models. ABC and Purple K
  • DropLock heavy-duty bracket accessory for Oval fire extinguishers
  • Shallow Profile Standpipe Hose Connection

U.S. Patent Nos. 9,364,696 , D760,443 , D760,444, D777,566, 9,555,272. Oval”s products are authenticated by Universal Product Registration (UPR).