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Oval Brand fire extinguishers are serviced, refilled, and recharged in the same manner as all other hand portable fire extinguishers, in accordance with NFPA-10. Detailed instructions can be found in both the Service Manual and following video.

Fire Extinguisher Service, Refill, and Recharge by Oval Brand Fire Products from Kevin Kozlowski on Vimeo.

Take a look at what makes Oval Brand smarter and better… plus how they are made.

Biggest News Yet for Oval! UL Listings! (News Release)

News Release (Click Here to Access PDF Version) Oval Brand Fire Products introduces the world’s slimmest high-performance fire extinguishers Media Contact: Michael A. Monahan Vice President, Media Relations 312.673.6064 michael.monahan@techimage.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Oval Brand Fire Products Introduces World’s Slimmest High-Performance ABC and Purple K Dry-Chemical Fire Extinguishers Now Listed with Underwriters Laboratories and Underwriters Laboratories