Some fire extinguishers and fire extinguisher cabinets installed within health care facilities are violating the NFPA-101 Life Safety Code, the ADA and other building codes. Fixing these problems and code violations used to be burdensome and sometimes near impossible. Oval Brand’s low-profile fire extinguishers make retrofits of extinguishers and cabinets to achieve compliance quick and easy. New construction is also made easier and more efficient as well.

Oval Brand for Healthcare Facilities

On May 17, 2017 we presented how Oval Brand fire extinguishers offer unparalleled compliance, safety, and design flexibility for Healthcare Facilities.

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Round Extinguishers

Traditional Extinguisher Out of Compliance within Healthcare Facility

Round extinguishers violate the projecting object limits when surface mounted in corridors.

Oval Brand Extinguishers

Oval Brand Extinguisher in Compliance within Healthcare Facility

Oval Brand fire extinguishers always comply with the 4″ projecting object limits per CMS.

Partially-Recessed Cabinet

Partially Recessed Cabinet in Compliance within Healthcare Facility

In addition to cabinet cost are expenses related to time, dust, labor, and coordination.