Fire Extinguisher Unboxing By Oval Brand Fire Products from Kevin Kozlowski on Vimeo.

  1. Put the knife down.  A knife should not be used to remove the extinguisher from the packing.
  2. Lift the fire extinguisher, plastic sleeve, and inner cardboard liner upward together and remove from the outer box.
  3. Once lifted and removed from the box, the plastic sleeve will automatically loosen.
  4. Remove the fire extinguisher, hose assembly and manual kit from the plastic sleeve.
  5. Remove blue plastic mesh (2 pieces) from the hose assembly.  Discard or recycle mesh.
  6. Attach hose to the fire extinguisher. Hand tighten.
  7. Insert hose into the black plastic clip.
  8. With any QR code reader, scan the UPR code on the reverse side label, near the bottom, to authenticate and register the product.
  9. Install fire extinguisher per the Owner’s Manual instructions.
  10. If required, contact your local qualified and licensed fire equipment distributor for installation, an inspection tag, and to schedule annual inspections.

FOR RETURNS OR REPACKAGING: Repack the fire extinguisher in the original packaging.  Insert the extinguisher into the plastic sleeve and fold the tabs backward to place tension on the sleeve and fire extinguisher. Install sleeve and liner back into outer box.