Thank you for your interest in Oval Brand Fire Products!  We have provided a list of some of the most frequently asked questions below.  If you cannot find an answer to your question on this page, please visit our Contact page or click the Chat icon to start a live chat.

Installation, Service and Maintenance

How are Oval Brand extinguishers serviced, refilled, and recharged?

Oval Brand fire extinguishers are serviced, refilled, and recharged in the same manner as all other hand portable fire extinguishers, in accordance with NFPA-10. Detailed instructions can be found in both the Service Manual and following video.

How do you fit a fully recessed fire extinguisher cabinet into a slim 2-1/2″ studded partition and 6″ masonry?

Oval Brand extinguishers measure only 3″ in profile, and therefore can be fully recessed into standard-depth walls. You can read more HERE.

How do I know how many extinguishers I need for my space?

While many of us may already know to follow the 75-ft rule for maximum travel distance for class A fire extinguishers, the maximum area of coverage provided by each extinguisher is often overlooked.

We’ve created a calculator that will help you determine the minimum number of fire extinguishers required for your facility. Find out more HERE.

What's the average cost savings of installing Oval Brand extinguishers?

Because of our low-profile design, Oval Brand extinguisher are the most compliant extinguishers on the market and fit into areas where no other extinguisher can. We have several cost savings calculators that can help you see how Oval not only looks great but can save you money!

Safety and Compliance

Are Oval Brand fire extinguishers UL and/or ULC listed?

Yes, all Oval Brand extinguishers are both UL and ULC listed.

  • View our UL Listing here.
  • View our ULC Listing here.
Are Oval Brand fire extinguishers ADA compliant?

Though there are no fire extinguishers on the market that are completely ADA compliant, Oval Brand extinguishers are the slimmest fire extinguishers on the market.

Oval Brand fire extinguishers are designed to facilitate compliance with ADA and other limits for protrusion of objects mounted at aisles, walkways and other circulation paths.  Like all fire extinguishers, Oval products require grasping, more than 5 lbs force to actuate and two hands to operate.

Can Oval Brand fire extinguishers be installed in MRI facilities?

Oval Brand models 10HABC-MR and 10JABC-MR are MRI safety certified as MR conditional to a static magnetic field of 3 Tesla or less. Learn more HERE.

Can Oval Brand fire extinguishers comply with NFPA-101 2012 Life Safety Code in Healthcare facilities?

Due to the recently issued requirements by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Oval Brand’s low profile fire extinguishers are the only fire extinguishers which may be surface mounted in the corridors of healthcare facilities while maintaining compliance with the NFPA-101 Life Safety Code (2012 edition) and the ADA. All other brands’ 5 lb and 10 lb fire extinguishers protrude more than 4-1/2” when surface mounted, however Oval’s UL listed fire extinguishers project less than 4” and are always compliant. Read more HERE.


Where can I find Revit, AutoCAD, and SketchUp files?

All Oval Brand Revit, SketchUp, AutoCAD DWG files, BIM objects, product manuals, HPD forms, and Safety Data Sheets are available for download both on our HERE.

What can you tell me about your mounting bracket and hook?

Our innovative bracket design, which we refer to as our “button hook”, greatly reduces the risk of fire extinguishers from falling when bumped into or shaken.

With the button hook, the fire extinguisher’s vertical axis to rotate around the button hook nearly 180 degrees, side to side, without the fire extinguisher easily disengaging from the hook and falling. If one simply grabs the handle and lifts, the Oval fire extinguisher still easily releases from the button hook.

The applied force on the button hook’s single fastener is mostly shear, rather than in tension, which means that the button hook is not pulling the fastener away from and out of the wall as is commonly found in faulty hook installations.

Do you also make a five pound fire extinguisher, in addition to the 10 pound?

The short answers is no, we don’t. Oval’s main markets are in the commercial space rather than residential. You can find the full story here.

What is the difference between models 10HABC and 10JABC?

Both the 10HABC and 10JABC are 10lb. ABC dry chemical fire extinguishers. The difference between models 10HABC and 10JABC is the size of the vessel. Model 10HABC measures 9” wide, 23” high and 3.5” deep. Model 10JABC measures 11” wide, 22” high and 3” deep. Both models can be surface mounted, however model 10HABC will never protrude more than 4” when mounted on a round column (even if measured diagonally). Both the 10HABC and 10JABC will never protrude more than 4” when mounted on a flat surface. Model 10JABC is the only model that can be used in Oval Brand compatible fully-recessed fire extinguisher cabinets.

Where can I find low-profile cabinets that file Oval Brand extinguishers?

Yes, we do. JL Industries and WIlliams Brothers of Canada manufacture fire extinguisher cabinets compatible for Oval Brand. Cabinets can be customized and purchased directly from our cabinet partners or through Oval by clicking HERE.