Optional Features for Cabinets

Finish Options

White Finish Option
01 White
Black Finish Option
02  Black
Red Finish Option

03 Red

Window/Lock Options

Full Window
01 Full window
02 Full window with lock
vertical window
03  Vertical half window
04  Vertical half window with lock
solid door

05 Solid door
06 Solid door with lock
07 Solid door with cylinder lock, less handle

Lettering Options


Vertical Decal

01  Vertical decal, clear with red letters
02  Vertical decal, clear with white letters
03  Vertical decal, clear with black letters
vertical die

Vertical Diecut Lettering

04  Vertical die-cut, red letters
05  Vertical die-cut, white letters
06  Vertical die-cut, black letters
vertical ascending

Vertical Diecut Lettering, Ascending

07 Vertical die-cut, red ascending letters
08 Vertical die-cut, white ascending letters
09 Vertical die-cut, black ascending letters