It’s one of your best designed projects. Form meets function, clean lines, well balanced, and an enthusiastic client. This is truly a masterpiece!

Construction is nearly complete, and you step foot inside to prepare the punch list. You notice the fire extinguisher cabinets protruding from the walls. Your clean lines are broken and the result is less than elegant…Not what you had envisioned?

In order to fully recess a fire extinguisher cabinet into a standard wall, the extinguisher must be no more than 3 inches deep. The average round fire extinguisher, however, requires 6 inch wall studs or 10 inch masonry in order to fully recess the cabinet.

With Oval Brand Fire Products, fire extinguisher cabinets will never need to protrude from a wall again!

Oval Brand Fire Products is helping to make your designs their absolute best.  With Oval, a fully recessed, fire rated fire extinguisher cabinet can fit into a standard 3-5/8 inch studded wall.  A fully recessed, non-fire rated fire extinguisher cabinet can fit into a slim 2-1/2 inch studded partition and 6 inch masonry.

Designing your projects with Oval brand fire extinguishers will alleviate design and construction challenges and will serve your clients well. Why wait?