In order to fully recess a fire extinguisher cabinet into a standard wall, the extinguisher must be no more than 3 inches deep. The average round fire extinguisher, however, requires 6 inch wall studs or 10 inch masonry in order to fully recess the cabinet.

When round fire extinguishers are used, deeper walls decrease usable square footage across a floor plan. For example, to allow for a flush cabinet (prior to the Oval Brand extinguisher) an average of 15 lineal feet of wall would need to change from 3-5/8″ stud framing to 6″ stud framing, thus reducing the usable floor area by 3 SF.

Standard Round Extinguishers Protrude more than 4 inches

With Oval Brand Fire Products, standard walls do not need to be expanded to 6 inches in order to fully recess extinguisher cabinets.

With Oval, a fully recessed, fire rated fire extinguisher cabinet can fit into a standard 3-5/8 inch studded wall.  A fully recessed, non-fire rated fire extinguisher cabinet can fit into a slim 2-1/2 inch studded partition and 6 inch masonry.