Oval’s 10 LB portable dry chemical fire extinguishers are less than 4 inches deep, when measured front to back. This unique quality enables easy compliance with the ADA’s 4 inch protruding object limit. The 4 inch protrusion rule was implemented primarily to protect people who are blind or have low vision.

Your healthcare clients, including hospital, ambulatory, long-term care, nursing home, and senior living facilities must now comply with the 2012 edition of NFPA-101. Noncontinuous projections in corridors located below 38” are now limited to 4-1/2”. Projections above 38” are limited to no more than 4” per ADA and CMS. Most round fire extinguishers, if surface mounted, do not comply with the new requirements. Oval Brand’s fire extinguishers are built for both NFPA-101 and ADA compliance, as required by CMS. By flattening the tank into a low-profile shape, Oval has created an extinguisher that projects less than 4″ from the wall. The fire extinguisher can be mounted at the required locations and still remain compliant.

Oval Brand Fire Extinguishers - Triple Units
How to Service Manual for Oval Products Fire Extinguishers