In addition to solving the many challenges that standard round extinguishers create in a variety of scenarios, we found an opportunity to create a mounting hook to do more than simply mount the extinguisher to the wall or building column.

The Oval Brand button hook allows Oval Brand fire extinguishers’ vertical axis to rotate around the button hook nearly 180 degrees, side to side, without the fire extinguisher easily disengaging from the hook and falling.

If one simply grabs the handle and lifts, the Oval Brand fire extinguisher still easily releases from the button hook. The applied force on the button hook’s single fastener is mostly shear, rather than in tension, which means that the button hook is not pulling the fastener away from and out of the wall as is commonly found in faulty hook installations.

Oval Brand Fire Products Button Hook
The Oval fire extinguisher hook is the safest and most durable bracket design available

The Oval Brand button hook improves overall extinguisher safety by drastically reducing the likelihood of Oval Brand fire extinguishers being bumped or knocked off the hook.

In addition, the Oval Brand button hook significantly helps in preventing surface-mounted fire extinguishers from falling to the floor, which can cause serious personal injury and damage the fire extinguisher. Oval Brand hooks can help companies to reduce claims resulting from fire extinguishers falling on their patrons’ toes.