Oval’s 10 LB portable dry chemical fire extinguishers are less than 4 inches deep, when measured front to back. This unique quality enables easy compliance with the ADA, IFC and local building code 4 inch protruding object limit. 

Oval was founded to help save lives and property by innovating unparalleled fire protection products to improve
accessibility, function, and design. This is particularly true for the retail environment. 

The best fire extinguisher in the industry. Never protrudes more than 4". Always complies with ADA protruding object limits.
Surface Mounting
ADA compliant fire extinguisher ADA, NFPA-101, AIA compliant

Ensuring your retail environment is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • Though compliance with the ADA is a federal requirement many, if not most, retail stores are currently in violation of the protruding object requirements. The reason being previously existing options were not tenable. With Oval, retailers now have a safe, practical solution to this serious issue.
  • Most retail spaces are currently in violation of the protruding object regulations of not just the ADA, but the International Fire Code and local building codes as well.1.
  • Oval Brand’s low-profile fire extinguishers are the industry’s only 10-lb extinguishers which protrude less than 4 inches when surface mounted, thus being the only extinguishers which always comply with the protruding object limits no matter the height of installation.

Guaranteeing your stores are compliant with NFPA-10 size and rating requirements for fire extinguishers.

  • Disturbingly, many national retailers are deficient in the required quantity of fire extinguishers installed in their stores by as much as 30%.
    • Many stores rely upon 5-lb fire extinguishers with either a 2-A or 3-A rating, and they struggle to find suitable locations for extinguisher installations.
    • 2-A & 3-A rated fire extinguishers are limited in their allowable square feet of coverage, often requiring more than one extinguisher within every 75 feet.
  • Oval Brand’s 10-lb extinguishers’ 4-A rating, when used within Ordinary Hazard Occupancy, meets all relevant regulations for class A hazards, ensuring adequate protection when installed within 75 feet of travel distance for access.
    • For retailers currently using 5-lb extinguishers, our 10-lb extinguishers reduce the number of extinguishers required to be purchased, installed, and maintained.

Minimizing significant risks to your brand and bottom line by not complying with federal mandates.

  • Individual or class action complaints related to not being ADA compliant can occur.
  • Negative news/word-of-mouth hurts when directly linked to your brand’s reputation if associated with not meeting code and/or safety requirements. This is particularly relevant given how Millennial’s choose where to shop today.

Eradicating damaged extinguishes and potential lawsuits by affixing extinguishers securely (and elegantly).

  • Currently fire extinguishers can easily fall from standard hooks and brackets when bumped. Even heavy duty brackets, if used, get damaged, bent, and often fail to securely hold an extinguisher resulting in a damaged unit when it hits the floor or a lawsuit if it lands on a child’s or adult’s foot.
  • The Oval Brand “Button Hook” dramatically increases safety by significantly reducing the likelihood of the fire extinguisher being bumped from, or knocked off, its hook.
  • Only Oval’s button hook allows an extinguisher’s vertical axis to rotate nearly 180 degrees, side to side, without disengaging from its mount and falling. Safety is increased and accessibility is still maintained.

Enhancing merchandising flexibility while maintaining, and ensuring, required protection.

  • Retailers are in the business of selling. Best merchandising practices often result in extinguishers being placed on the floor, trapped between a column and goods, or it may be missing all together.
  • Hooks and brackets for ordinary round extinguishers can become a hazard as hooks can be sharp and snag clothing or skin.
  • Oval’s patented button hook allows for easy and safe installation on multiple sides of a building column, allowing for optimal merchandising while maintaining code and safety regulations.
  • Oval’s hooks, if exposed, only protrude ½” and are smooth, posing insignificant risk of shopper or employee injury.
  • Oval’s hooks are also more durable than existing hooks and brackets, reducing replacement costs.