Oval’s First Car Fire

I wanted to share a crazy coincidence that happened this morning. I had an early sales meeting on Chicago’s Northside with a new distributor, and while returning to the suburbs I saw a car fire on one of the highway exit ramps. Guess who had a few fully charged 10 lb Oval fire extinguishers in the back of the truck?

I grabbed two units and approached the car, first checking to see if anyone was still inside. It appeared that everyone was out of the car, and then I heard a voice in my head. No it wasn’t the big Guy’s voice, but Paul Flentge’s, the talented Safety Director and Trainer at Pepper Construction. I heard him say, “Assess the situation and don’t put yourself at risk.” That was good advice, as the car was mostly burned already, and tires began to explode from the heat. I was also worried about the gas tank possibly catching fire as well… So I backed away.

The car’s owner or passenger still wanted to try putting out the fire, and I asked him if he really wanted to do so and put himself at risk. Not worried, he then successfully used the two Oval 10 LB ABC fire extinguishers that I had with me.

Within a minute of the second Oval fire extinguisher being discharged, the professionals from the Elmhurst Fire Department arrived and finished putting out the fire. No one was injured, the Oval fire extinguishers worked great, and it was time to get back to the office.

Fire extinguisher in action on car fire
Fire extinguisher in action