Oval Fire Products manufactures low-profile fire extinguishers that are oval rather than round. With an oval shape, fire extinguishers are less than 4” (102mm) deep. They solve the problem of how to install fire extinguishers in compliance with requirements for accessibility by disabled persons, preserve building floor space and reduce total installed cost.

We offer important advantages for all building types:

The Americans with Disabilities Act and most building codes require that buildings be accessible to persons with disabilities. For accessibility, equipment – including fire extinguishers – must project less than 4” (102mm) from the wall. Oval fire extinguishers comply with this 4” (102mm) limitation. Conventional 10 lb. fire extinguishers do not. Oval extinguishers can be mounted on a wall wherever they are required and provide compliance.

Reduced Floor Space
With conventional round fire extinguishers, it is necessary to widen aisles and corridors or deepen walls to meet accessibility requirements. Oval fire extinguishers eliminate the need to do this. Oval extinguishers can be mounted on a corridor wall and project less than 4” (102mm). They can also be recess mounted into a standard 3-5/8” (92mm) partition wall. In either case, aisle widths and wall depths can be reduced, saving valuable and expensive floor space.

Lower Installed Cost
Oval fire extinguishers cost more than round fire extinguishers. However, with round fire extinguishers, accessibility can be achieved only by widening aisles or recessing into walls. This adds significant time, cost and disruption, particularly when retrofitting fire extinguishers into existing facilities. These problems are eliminated with Oval fire extinguishers.

For healthcare facilities, we offer even more advantages:

Compliance with CMS Guidelines
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued guidance mandating that healthcare facilities be accessible to disabled persons. This mandate applies to existing facilities and often requires updating and replacing fire extinguishers. Healthcare facilities cannot tolerate the dust, noise and disruption that comes with installing conventional fire extinguishers. Oval fire extinguishers can simply be mounted on a wall and the problem is solved.

Oval offers ligature-resistant cabinets for use in high risk environments. Only Oval offers a solution that provides both accessibility and ligature-resistance.

MRI Environments
Oval fire extinguishers are non-magnetic and certified as conditionally safe for use in MRI facilities.

Oval Fire Extinguishers

This website provides information on our 10 lb. general purpose fire extinguishers and cabinets for use with our products. You will also find reference materials on relevant codes, standards, rules and regulations to help you select the best solution for your particular design challenge. We hope you will reach out to us for any additional information or technical support you might need. Thank you for your interest in Oval Fire Products.