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10J-ABC Front Sticker
10J-ABC Front Sticker

Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher, Class ABC, 10 lb.

Application: Multi-purpose 10 lb. dry chemical fire extinguisher for wall and cabinet mounting. For use on Class A, B and C fires. Not recommended for use on sensitive electronic equipment.

Mounting: Fire extinguisher may be mounted on wall with patented swivel hook. Hook holds unit securely, even if bumped or pushed. Alternatively, extinguisher may be installed in surface or recess mounted cabinet. Due to low profile of fire extinguisher, recessed cabinet can fit into standard 3-5/8” (92mm) stud wall.

Accessibility: Extinguisher depth is 3” (76mm). When wall mounted, unit complies with 4” (102mm) maximum limit for protruding objects as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design, the International Building Code and ANSI/ICC ANSI A117.1.

Healthcare Facilities: Facilitates compliance with CMS accessibility requirements. Suitable for high risk environments when installed with ligature-resistant cabinet (see “Ligature-Resistant Cabinets“). Certified as “MR Conditional” for safe use in environments with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment up to 3 Teslas.

UL/ULC Rating: 4A:80B:C

Capacity: 10 lb. (4.54 kg).

Vessel: Extruded aluminum body with welded aluminum top and bottom caps and durable red powder coated finish.

Valve: Anodized aluminum valve with stainless steel handle and pull pin, rubber hose and anodized aluminum nozzle.

Agent: Monoammonium phosphate-based dry chemical.

Transportation: Meets US Department of Transportation requirements for packaging and shipping. Labeled per UN1044.

Quality Assurance: UL listed, compliant with NFPA 10 and tested and certified to ANSI/UL-299, ANSI/UL-711, CAN/ULC-5504 and CAN/ULC-5508. Fire extinguisher is fully assembled, filled, pressurized and tested prior to shipment.

Warranty: Six years.

Patents: Covered by U.S. patents 9,364,696; D760,443: D760,444: D777,566.

Product Specifications

Discharge Time: 22 seconds

Discharge Range: 10 – 15 ft. (3 – 4.5m)

Temperature Range: -40° to 120° F (-40° to 49° C)

Operating Pressure: 195 PSI (1344 kPa)

Dimensions: 21-5/8” (549mm) high x 10-1/8” (257mm) wide x 3” (76mm) deep.

Shipping Weight: 24 lbs. (11.1 kg)